A Closure for Wines Committed to Quality and Sustainability

November 2018: Francois Margot, North American Sales Manager for DIAM BOUCHAGE, has seen his company grow since launching their cork products 15 years ago, to be the second largest cork producer in the world and their presence in the American market is remarkable for...

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The Alcohol Professor

February 2018: Despite all the wine closure options out there, traditional cork remains “king” in most markets, with many consumers associating natural cork with wine quality (save for Australia and New Zealand, who prefer the screw cap). In recent years, however,...

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Wine Review Online

January 2018: I’ve come to the little town of Céret in southwestern France, home of one of the two Diam cork factories--the second is located in Spain. As I make my way across the parking lot, an immense blue truck rolls in, with the words DIAM El corcho reinventado...

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New revolutionary product for the wine sector.

July 2017:  After several years of research on natural ingredients, Diam Bouchage proposes a new revolutionary product for the wine sector. By means of a new formulation for the production of its closures, the company offers the world of wine an ever more natural...

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Olivier Bernard – Domaine de Chevalier (France)

March 2017: I vinify [my wines], I raise them and then one day I decide to bottle them; and there, the bottle, the closure, the capsule, the label, the box or the carton, everything must be taken into consideration. Among these five elements, it is on the cork that I...

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Ludgar Veit – Weingut Ludger Veit (Germany)

August 2016: We use comparative samples. Whether natural, screw tops or plastic closures. We tested and compared these wines after 3, 5 and 7 years and came to the conclusion that with the DIAM closure we had found a sealing system that is as close as possible to a...

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Juan Carlos Sancha: Winemaker (Spain)

September 2012: Diam stoppers offer great protection against TCA contamination, with enhanced stability and no nasty surprises as the wines evolve in the bottle. In turn, that allows us to reduce the amount of So2 used when bottling. » Compared to natural cork...

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The Diam Guarantee

More about DIAM closures

Further information about DIAM closures can be found on the DIAM website …