Our technological cork for still wines

DIAM 3 in standard finish
DIAM 5 in standard finish
DIAM 10 in traditional finish
DIAM 30 in traditional finish

Corks are available in a range of lengths 38mm to 49mm.

Diam is the only cork closure that provides both a perfect homogeneity between one bottle and another and perfect control over the different levels of permeability. The DIAMANT® process also provides incomparable sensorial neutrality. Tested and approved by many international laboratories, Diam is an innovative closure that combines the tradition of a cork stopper and the mechanical and organoleptic security of a technological closure.

  • TCA taint-free (below the limit of quantification of 0.3 ng/l) and many other molecules responsible for sensorial deviations.
  • Optimum bottling line (insertion) performance and unsurpassed elastic recovery.
  • Prevents leakage, seepage or dust risk.

The Diam range for still wine includes D3 and D5 in standard finish, D10 and D30 in traditional finish. The number refers to the minimum number of years the closure is guaranteed to perform at the specified OTR rating.

By preserving the wine’s aromas throughout its maturation, Diam is the closure of choice for a successful tasting experience every time!

ORIGINE 10 in traditional finish
ORIGINE 30 in traditional finish


the latest addition to our range

Designed using environmentally-friendly innovations, these new products in the Origine by Diam® range are currently available in DIAM 10 and DIAM 30 in traditional finish.

Origine by Diam® carries the same guarantee as the classic Diam range in terms of security, consistency and choice. The Origine range will soon be extended to include other products in the same brand for still and sparkling wines.


The Diam Guarantee

More about DIAM closures

Further information about DIAM closures can be found on the DIAM website … http://www.diam-closures.com